Hope and Healing

Each progress bar completed enables an adult
female survivor of childhood sexual absue
to attent The Haven Retreat and receive healing services

Hope and Healing

Live Proverb +
the Younique Foundation

Founded by Shelaine and Derek Maxfield

In 2015, The Younique Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that
provides support and services for women who were sexually
abused as children or teens. The nonprofit offers services
through retreats, survivor communities, and online
educational resources. The Younique Foundation wants every
survivor to know: they are not broken and they are not alone.
Hope and healing are possible. The Younique Foundation
is funded by a combination of public donations and private
donors. Your contribution will help more survivors find
the resources and healing they need.

Shelaine and Derek Maxfield Shelaine and Derek Maxfield

Did you know?

  • An estimated 1 in 4 women is a survivor of child sexual abuse.
  • Children know their perpetrator in 90% of sexual abuse cases.
  • Sexual abuse can lead to increased risk of substance abuse.
  • 34% of youth internet users experience unwanted exposure to sexual material.
  • Sexual abuse can lead to increased risk of unhealthy relationships.
Did you know?

Your Impact Matters

10% of all items purchased from Live Proverb is donated toward cost
for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to attend The Haven
Retreat. Because the cost to attend the 4-day retreat is $2,000,
each progress bar completes at $2,000. Once complete, one more
survivor can receive the healing services she deserves.

Your Impact Matters Your Impact Matters